Dictionary of pastellists before 1800


The overwhelming majority of the pastels in the Dictionary are portraits, no doubt as a result of the unique suitability of this medium for the depiction of human flesh. But a number of artists have used pastel in other genres, which are indexed below. (This is not an index of attributes which appear within portraits.) The categories below involve silent conflations e.g. of gods known under different names, and errors may arise where reproductions are not known. The spellings given below do not always correspond with the entries in the Dictionary, which usually follow the source (e.g. contemporary livrets). Some of the listed items could be lost chalk studies for history paintings recorded as pastels but which may not comply with the normal inclusion criteria of the Dictionary. There are innumerable historiated portraits, particularly of young women, in lightly mythological guises, and the imprecise boundary between portraiture and genre pictures of single persons requires the omission of most of these. Eighteenth century iconography does not always follow precise conventions, so e.g. Ceres and Flora can appear as Seasons. Copies of old masters are only included where the pastel is of a later period; for names of sitters, see the sitter's index. For full details of attributions etc., consult the primary article on the artist.

Specific allegories
Old Testament / Holy Family / Saints and New Testament / General religious
Antiquity / Modern
Poems and novels / Opera / Theatre
Portraits / After history, religious or genre paintings / After sculpture:

Achilles: Gavin Hamilton
Achilles at the court of Nicomedes: Callet
Discovery of Achilles by Ulysses: Kauffmann
Actaeon, v. Diana
Adonis, v. Venus
Aeneas: Zoffany
Æsculapius, Flora, Ceres and Cupid honouring the bust of Linnæus: Russell
Agar: Staiger
Amphitrite: Zoffany; Éc. fr.
Antiope: Pierre
Apollo: Carriera; A. Coypel; N. Coypel; La Fosse; Mengs; Perotti; Roslin; Italian sch.
Apollo and Daphne: Goupy; Liotard
Aquarius: Russell
Architecture: Rocca
Ariadne: Kauffmann
Ariadne and Theseus: Blanchard
Ariadne, v.q. Bacchus
Artemis, v. Diana
Augures: Goupy
Aurora (Eos): Callet; Goupy; Lawrence; Le Gru Perotti
Bacchus (Dionysus): Clodion; Fratellini; Larché; Mola; Rubens; Smith; Vogel
Bacchus and Ariadne: Goupy; Éc. fr.
Bacchante: Giordano; Greuze; Natoire; Russell; Saint-Quentin; Vigée Le Brun; Éc. fr.
Bacchanalian scenes: Callet; Caresme; Durand; Fratellini; Le Mettais; Natoire
Callisto (v.q. Diana): Perotti; Russell
Ceres (v.q. Seasons): Carriera; Largillierre; Mengs
Chloe, v. Daphnis
Circe: Gardner
Clytie: Carriera; FitzGerald; M. Hoare
Continents: Carriera; Sompsois
Cupid (Eros, or putto; with arrow, disarmed, sketching, etc.): C. W. Bardou; Barocci; M. Benwell; Black; Boucher; Burckhardt; Carracci; Cazes; Costanzi; Cotes; Coypel; Fontane; Fragonard; Grimod; Guercino; S. Henry; Hermann; Hoare; Hoffmann; Lauer; Liotard; de Lorge; Mengs; Mola; Natoire; Pavona; Prud'hon; Read; Reynolds; Rincklacke; Russell; Saint-Non; Schweickhardt; Seydelmann; Shelley; Tassaert; Vauban; Volterrano; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
Cupid, v.q. Venus
Cupid and Psyche, v. Apuleius, Golden Ass
Danaë: Boucher; Goupy; Vogel
Daphnis (berger, jouant de la musette): Coypel; Dorly
Daphnis and Chloe: Carriera
Deianira, v. Hercules
Diana (Artemis): Blanchard; Carriera; Natoire; Nattier; Nicolet; Troost; Vauban; Vigée; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
Diana and Actaeon: Italian sch.
Diana and Callisto: Boucher
Diana and Endymion: Davesne; Eisler; Lagrenée
Dido: Benoist; Staiger; German sch.
Elements: Beauvarlet; Carriera; Molin; Sompsois
Endymion, v. Diana
Erigone: Bock; Durand
Europa: Bianchi; Goupy
Fates: Carriera
Flora (v.q. Seasons): Allais; Boucher; Carriera; H. Drouais; Mme Gault de Saint-Germain; Giordano; Greuze; Lawrence; Mengs; A. Russell; J. Russell; Saint-Non; Vleughels; Éc. fr.
Flora and Zephyr: Amigoni; Le Gru Perotti; Natoire; Russell
Galatea: Coypel; Goupy
Ganymede: Cunliffe; Vogel
Geometry: J. M. Liotard
Graces: Carriera; Goupy; Liotard; Mengs; Pavona
Hebe: Lemoyne
Hebe and Jupiter: Bartolozzi
Hector: Lens
Helen, v. Paris
Hera: Russell, s.v. Callisto
Hercules: Hoare
Hercules and Deianira: Des Angles
Hercules and Omphale: Beauvarlet; Eisler; Hallé; Handmann
Hermes, v. Mercury
Hymen, v. Venus
Io and Jupiter: Correggio; Goupy; La Tour
Juno: Taraval
Jupiter and Antiope: Dittmers
Jupiter and Callisto: Boucher; Dulin; P. Mérelle; Vigée
Jupiter and Leda: Boucher; P. Mérelle
Jupiter, Loves of: Goupy
Jupiter, v.q. Hebe; Io
Leda: Boucher; Charlier; Goupy; Pierre; Vigée; Éc. fr.
Mars: Lawrence
Mars and Victory: Callet
Mercury (Hermes): Luti; Reynolds
Mercury, v.q. Zeus
Minerva (Pallas Athene): Greenhill; Lens; Lozanne; Vleughels; Italian sch.
Muses and personifications of the arts:
Calliope, Oratory [book]: Carriera
Clio, History [scroll or books]: Carriera; Le Gru Perotti
Erato, Lyric Poetry [lyre]: Carriera; English sch.
Euterpe, Music [flute]/Saint Cecilia: Alefounder; M. Benwell; Caresme; Carriera; Gardner; Morland; Russell
Melpomene, Tragedy: Høyer; Vialy
Polyhymnia, Elegy/sacred song: Boucher
Terpsichore, Dance: Beauclerk
Thalia, Comedy [mask]: Dunkarton; Høyer; Vialy
Urania, Astronomy [compass, globe]: Coypel
Music: Parant; Rocca
Painting: Carriera; Corrège; Lagrenée; J. Martin; Parant; Restout; Rocca; Schattenhofer; G. B. Tiepolo; C. Van Loo; German sch.
Poetry: Alefounder; Molin
Sculpture: J. Martin; Rocca; C. Van Loo
Other unspecified muses: Carriera; Mengs; Neilson
Naiad: H. Drouais; Houdon; Vigée
Narcissus: Russell
Neptune or sea god: N.-N. Coypel; Natoire
Night: Coypel
Queen of the Night: Lauer
Nymph from the suite of Apollo: Mme de Boufflers; Carriera; La Tour; Vigée; Éc. fr.
Œdipus and the Sphinx: Savazzini
Omphale, v. Hercules
Pan: J. Ph. Bach; Chandelle
Pan and Syrinx: Boucher
Judgement of Paris: Fratellini
Paris and Helen: Reni; Sydow
Perseus: R. Cosway
Philemon, v. Zeus
Pomona: A. Russell
Psyche: Vogel. v.q. Cupid and Psyche
Pyramus and Thisbe: Drague
Satyr: Betti; Caresme; Coypel; Lamy; Russell; Van Loo; Vogel; F. R. West
Seasons: Boucher; Carriera; Coypel; Delany; Hoare; Hoin; Mengs; Pickard; Pitti; Pond; Russell; Saint-Aubin; Sompsois; Tiepolo; Troost; Van der Gucht; Vivien; Italian sch.
Senses: Smell: Boucher; Coypel; Valade
Sibyl: Black; Brühl; Forbes; Mengs; English sch.
Persian Sibyl: Hervés; Russell
Silenus with satyrs: Hodges
Syrinx: de Troy
Syrinx, v.q. Pan
Telemachus: Laockerhardt; J.-B. Petit
Theseus, v. Ariadne
Thisbe, v. Pyramus
Ulysses, v. Achilles
Venus (Aphrodite): Boucher; Chaise; Courtois; Coypel; Fratellini; Goupy; La Tour; Liotard; Lundberg; Maurice; Natoire; Pavona; Saint-Non; Titian; Troost; Vispré; English sch.
Venus and Adonis: Sydow
Venus and Cupid: Boucher; Bréa; Caroline Luise; Carriera; Cotes; Hoare; G. Lambert; P. Mérelle; Pavona; Pellegrini; Schumann; Vigée; Vigée Le Brun
Venus, Cupid and Anteros: Carriera
Venus, Hymen and Cupid: Bartolozzi
Vestal: Baldrighi; C. W. Bardou; P. J. Bardou; Brühl; Caffé; Coypel; Grillet; Hermann; Houdon; Lawrence; Lemaire; Lonsing; Nattier; Offenberg; J. A. de Peters; Saint-Aubin; Vogel; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
Victory: Carriera
Victory, v.q. Mars
Virtues and other personnified qualities:
Allegrezza: Pavona
Charity: Delany; Greuze; Le Gru Perotti; Liberi; Luis; Sherwin; Zoffany; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
Charity enlightened by Truth: Dubois
Concord: Callet
Fame: Lyttelton
Ignorance: Pavona
Innocence: Pavona; Prud'hon; Vigée Le Brun
~Girl with lamb: Greuze; Mengs; Russell
~Girl with dove: Allais; M. Benwell; Carriera; Cignarolli; Courtois; Mme Gault de Saint-Germain; Hoare; Howard; Lallié; La Tour; Lundberg; Pond; Russell; J.-B. Van Loo
~Girl with rabbit: Carriera; Filleul; Hoare; Russell
Justice: Carriera; Chazerand; Vigée Le Brun
Liberality and Modesty: Goupy
Love and Fortune: Bartolozzi
Motherhood: Natoire
Peace: Carriera; Mme Gault de Saint-Germain
Peace and Abundance: Callet
Peace and Justice: Dubois
Pleasure: Mengs
Prudence: Carriera
Temeperance: Carriera
Truth: Mengs
Zephyr, v. Flora and Zephyr
Zeus: Éc. fr.
Zeus visiting Philemon with Hermes: Restout
Zeuxis: Goupy
Unspecified: Fuchs

Specific allegories
Sujet allégorique sur les Arts: A. Loir
Faith, Hope and Charity: Nixon
La Folie qui pare la Décrepitude: Coypel
Folly interrupting Meditation: Russell
Blind Fortune with a monkey king: Luttrell
La France rendant grâces au ciel pour la guérison de Louis XV: Coypel
La France recevant le duc de Bourgogne: Coypel
Genius at work: Pavona
La Paix qui ramène l'Abondance: Vigée Le Brun
Time uncovering Truth: Pavona
Écrivain assis dans un atelier surpris par un ange derrière lui: Parant


Old Testament
Abraham and the three Angels: Balestra
Abraham, sacrifice of Isaac: Blakey; A. Coypel; Holtzmann; Liss; Saunders
Bathseba observed by King David (Samuel 11:2): Italian sch.
Creation of Adam: Blakey; Saint-Aubin
Adam and Eve: Keyserlingk: Le Gru Perotti; Sydow
Cain killing Abel: Degeorge
David and Goliath: Liberi
Delilah: Morland
Hagar and her son Ismael with the Angel (Genesis 21:14-18): Stock; Italian sch.
Isaiah: a/r Raphael
Israelites crossing the Red Sea: Goupy
Jacob and the Angel: Sanders
Job: Degeorge
Joseph's dream: Trevisani
Joseph and the wife of Potiphar: Coypel; Lagrenée le j.
Judith with the head of Holofernes: Mervyn; Pavona
Laban: A. Coypel
Last Judgement: Luttrell
Lot and his daughters: Alotte; Degeorge; G. de Saint-Aubin; Stock; de Troy
Moses: Bréar
Finding of Moses: Gardner; Hayman; Le Gru Perotti; Russell
Potiphar's wife: Dinkel
Rachel and Leah at the well: Delany
Rebecca and Eliezer: Mietzsch
Ruth and Naomi: Russell
Samuel: Reynolds; Anne Russell; Russell; Seton
Susannah at the bath: Santerre

Holy Family
Eternal Father: Arpino; Sirani
Divine Grace: Pavona
Virgin (Mary/Madonna): Aboyne; Aretusi; Arnulphy; Baldacci; Barocci; Bartolozzi; Bassano; Cabart; D. M. Canuti; Caro; Caroline Luise; Carriera; Cellerier; Charles; Correggio; Coypel; N.-N. Coypel; Dacke; Delany; Delrieu; Del Rosso; Dolci; Dubois; Foacier; Forest; Gilbert; Giordano; Hoare; Isabelle de Bourbon-Parme; Lallemand; Le Gru Perotti; C. Martin; J. Martin; Mayans y Pastor; Mengs; Molis; Natoire; Pavona; Po; Read; Reni; Sassoferrato; Van der Gucht; Vialy; Volterrano; Weyersberg; Wilkins; English sch.; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
Christ: Barocci; Bassano; Bellers; Carriera; Cigoli; A. Coypel; Coypel; N.-N. Coypel; Dacke; Mlle Greuze; Hewett; Hoin; Lauer; Lawrence; Luti; Parmigianino; Pavona; Poupard; Seutter; Seydelmann; Stock; G. D. Tiepolo; Tiepolo; Troost; Weyersberg; Wit; Italian sch.
Education of the Virgin: Coypel; Nogari
Annunciation: Degeorge; Hewett; Vitelli
Visitation: L. Bassano; Pavona; Tassaert
St Mary and St Elisabeth: Tassaert
Flight into Egypt: Coypel; Nuyts; Vitelli
Nativity: Hallé; Langlois; Luttrell; Vitelli
Virgin and Child: Bayeu y Subias; M. Benwell; Bertrand; Bertranville; Black; Boucher; Canale; Carranque; Cotes; N.-N. Coypel; Crescimbeni; Dolci; Durant; Du Simitière; Fitzwilliam; Girouard; Hewett; Hoare; Larché; Las Casas; Lauer; Le Gru Perotti; Mengs; G. Messini; Morland; Natoire; Pavona; Perotti; J.-B. Regnault; Reni; Robert de Séry; Stanislaw Leszczynski; Stock; Teniers; Tiarini; Troost; Vauban; English sch.; Éc. fr.
Virgin with St James and St Lucy: Le Gru Perotti
Saint Joseph and infant Jesus: Delancier
Holy Family: Carriera; Chandelle; Delany; Grimod; W. Healy; Henry; Pavona; Raphael; Stanislaw Leszczynski; Tassaert; Titian; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.; Swiss sch.
Adoration of the Magi: Platzer; Restout; Rubens; F. Zuccaro
Adoration of the Shepherds: Bassano; Hallé; Hoin; Vitelli
Infant Jesus and St John the Baptist: Boucher; A. Coypel; Delany; Hoare; (with Mary): German sch.
Three Holy children: M. W. Peters
Circumcision: L. Bassano
Presentation at the Temple: Troost; Vitelli
Christ and the Samaritan: Coypel
Multiplication of loaves: Hallé
Transfiguration: Lawrence
Tribute money: G. Messini
Ecce Homo: Correggio; Dubois; Reni; Stanislaw Leszczynski; Tiepolo
Christ at the column: Arpino
Christ crowned with thorns: Coypel; Pavona
Last Supper: Hallé; Vitelli
Agony in the Garden: Vander Gucht; Vitelli
Flagellation: Bassano; Dubois
Crucifixion: Boucher; Chandelle; Le Mettais; Mietzsch; Pavona; Vitelli; Éc. fr.
Descent from the Cross: La Fosse; Lawrence; Poussin
Pietà: Huin
Christ at the tomb: Jehner; Poussin
Noli me tangere: Mengs; Sherwin
Christ (unspecified): D. Chandelle; Du Simitière; Goltzius
Sacred Heart: Conen de Saint-Luc
Mater dolorosa: Gounod; Meyer
Assumption: Hoare; Poussin
Resurrection: Hewett; Peters

Saints and New Testament
Apostles/Evangelists: Bassano; Callani; Leonardo; Luti; Moreau; Tiepolo
Parable of the labourers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16): Xavery
St Andrew: Kauffmann
St Anne and St John: Robert de Séry
St Apollonia: Pavona
St Augustine: Duquesnoy
San Gregorio Barbarigo: Carriera
St Bruno: Bienvenu; Pavona; Éc. fr.
St Catherine, mystic marriage: Cortona; Delany; Isabella Farnese; Solimena; Italian sch.
St Cecilia: Saunders
St Clare: Pavona
St Elias: Spanish sch.
St Elisabeth and St John: Cades; Italian sch.
San Floriano: D. M. Canuti
San Francesco: Barocci; Cortes de Pallás; Dubois; Galantini; Gennari; Le Gru Perotti; Lemort; Lemoyne; Pavona; Reni; Tassaert; Italian sch.
San Francesco di Sales: Bargili
St Francis Xavier: Marie-Josèphe
Sainte Geneviève: Carriera; Reynolds
St James the greater: M.-M. Silvestre
St James the Less: Leonardo
St Jerome: Avene; Troost
St Jerome: Gendarme; Gilbert; German sch.
St John the Evangelist: Leonardo; Le Gru Perotti
St John the Baptist: Anspach; Barocci; Boucher; Carriera; Crecolini; Delany; Feuchot; Hoare; Høyer; Le Lièvre de La Touche; Luti; Mola; Planes; Raphael; Vispré; F. R. West; Italian sch.
St Joseph: Angeli; Balza de Firmi; Carriera; Costard; Coypel; Le Gru Perotti; Pavona; Tiepolo
Joseph of Arimethaea: Jouvenet
San Lorenzo da Brindisi: Callani; Pavona
St Louis: La Fosse
St Lucy: Carracci; Pavona
San Luigi Gonzaga: Callani
St Mary Magdalen: Ashley; Batoni; Borelly; Carriera; Dubois; Fratellini; S. Henry; Høyer; G. de La Tour; Lauer; Le Gru Perotti; Locatelli; J. Martin; Nuyts; Pavona; Po; Rotari; Stock; Tassaert; Vien; Vivien; Wagener; English sch.; Éc. fr.; Italian sch.
St Mary Cleophas: Carriera
St Mary of Egypt: Carriera
St Matthew: Arpino
St Michael: Mime; Reni
S. Filippo Neri: Cappelli; Maratti
S. Oliva: Pavona
St Paul: G. Messini; Millet; Tintoretto; English sch.; Italian sch.
St Peter: Bienvenu; Fragonard; Gilbert; Larché; Moreau; Natoire; Pavona; Pierre; Van der Gucht; Italian sch.
St Philip: Luttrell
San Romuald: Lawrence
St Roch: Angeli; Carracci
St Sebastian: Arpino; A. Coypel; Guercino
San Serafino da Montegranaro: Carpi
St Simeon: Bracci
St Stephen: Le Brun; Pavona
S. Sudário: Pavona
St Theresa: Cades; Pavona
St Thomas: Troost
Samaritan: Dubois
Saul receiving sight from Ananias (Acts 9:18): Lawrence

General religious
Angel: Barocci; Cignani; Correggio; Coypel; Hewett; La Fosse; Natoire; Reni; Italian sch.
Cherub (v.q. Cupid): Minto
Friars, monks: Cotes: Ducreux; François; La Tour; Mertens; Montjoye; Pether; Stanislaw Leszczynski; Tiarini; Vivien; Italian sch.
Nuns: Lemaire; Schönchen
Priestess: Lawrence
Sacrifice: Jordaens
Saint: Maratti; Nuvolone; Pavona; Po; Vanni
Unspecified: Fuchs


Agrippina: Goupy
Alcibiades reprimanded by Socrates: Italian sch.
Alexander: Troost; Verdier
Artemeisia II of Caria: M. Hoare
Belisarius: Coppin; Goupy
Berenice II, Queen of Egypt (c.273BC–c.220BC), wife of Ptomlemy III: Strozzi
L'affaire Jean Callas: Pigulski
Cimon and Pero, Roman charity: Bachelier; Isabelle de Bourbon-Parme; Koster; Russell; Wilhelmine
Cleopatra: Caroline Luise; Carriera; Costard; Lemort; Russell; Sartori; Schröder; Sydow; Vialètes; Wilhelmine; Zoffany
The family of Coriolanus: Callet
Democritus: Coypel; Stanislaw Leszczynski
Diogenes: Henry; La Tour
Germanicus: Goupy
Heraclitus: Coypel; Stanislaw Leszczynski
Horatius and the Curiatii: Troost
Lucretia: Fratellini; Gilbert; Rouot; Wilhelmine
Mucius Scaevola: Goupy
Sappho: M. Hoare
Socrates, v. Alcibiades
Sophonisba: Carriera
Tullia Ciceronis: La Tour
Xenocrates and Phryne: Gresse
Zenobia, v. Berenice

Abelard and Heloise: Coypel; Gardner
Combat livré contre les Turcs par le maréchal de Berchény: Casanova
Beatrice Cenci c.1599: Giordano; J. Liszewska
Peace between Henri V and Charles III: Blakey
Hora und Kloska, rebels executed in Karlsburg in 1785: Koré
Kunz von Kauffungen und der Prinzenraub zu Altenburg, c.1455: Kolbe
Death of Leonardo: Cades
The capture of Ulm: Callet
Napoleon's entry into Warsaw: Callet
Raimond Du Puy: Godefroy
Fête de l'Être Suprême aux Champs-de-Mars, 20 prairial an II [8.vi.1794]: Naudet


Poems and novels
Apuleius, Golden Ass, c.155 ad. Cupid and Psyche: Bartolozzi; Coypel; Goupy
Dante, Inferno, c.1320. Canto xxxiii, Count Ugolino de Gherardeschi: Gardner
Boccaccio, Decameron, 1353. Cymon and Iphigenia: Carriera; Russell. Sigismunda: Cosway
Petrarch, Il canzoniere, 1374. Laura: Carriera
Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, 1532. Roger delivering Angelica: Boucher
Torquato Tasso, Gerusalemme liberata, 1581: Armida: Coypel; Armida and Rinaldo: Cades; Kauffmann; Nuyts; Embarkation of Carlo and Ubaldo: Goupy; Silvia liberated by Arminta: Boucher; Tancred consoled by Erminia: Dubois
Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis, 1593: Sydow
La Fontaine, Contes et Nouvelles en vers, 1664—74: L'Ermite; Les Oies de frère Philippe: Éc. fr.
Ossian. Tertulla: Schmidt-Fornaro
Pope, The Rape of the Lock, 1714. Belinda: Lock
Matthew Prior, Henry and Emma, 1709. Emma, the Nut-brown Maid: Hamilton
Æsop, Fables, translated Samuel Croxall, 1722. The traveller and satyr: Halpin
James Thomson, The Seasons, 1730. Musidora: Day
Richardson, Clarissa, c.1749: Coles
David Mallet, The Ballad of Edwin and Emma, 1760: Downman
Laurence Sterne, The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman, 1760–67: Russell
Laurence Sterne, A sentimental journey through France and Italy, 1768: Gardner; Russell
Burns, The Cotter's Saturday Night, 1785: Smith
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Paul et Virginie, 1787. La mort de Virginie: Baudouin
Royall Tyler, The Algerine captive, 1797: Russell

Opera and ballet
The Siege of Rhodes, Sir William Davenant & Matthew Locke, 1656. Solimano: Greenhill
Castor et Pollux, Rameau, 1737. Télaïre: Vigée Le Brun
Les Bateliers de Saint-Cloud, Charles-Simon Favart, 1741. Mlle Darimath: Allais
Le Maître de Musique, Pergolesi, 1751. Impressario (Collaggiani): La Tour
La Servante Maîtresse, Pergolesi & Federico, 1755. Capitaine Tempête: Glain
Le Soldat magicien, de Louis Anseaume & François-André Danican Philidor, 1760. Suin en Soldat: Frédou
Le Cadi dupé, Pierre-René Lemonnier & Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny, 1761. Zelmire: C. Noël
Love in a village, Bickerstaffe, 1762. Rosetta: Warren
Rosette, Sédaine & Monsigny, 1764: Doublet
Lucile, Marmontel & Grétry, Comédie-Italienne, 1769: Doublet
Lionel and Clarissa, Dibdin & Bickerstaffe, 1768. Jessamy: Tresham
Iphigénie en Tauride, Guillard & Gluck, 1779. Stouf
Alceste, or the Triumph of Conjugal Love, Noverre, 1782. Iris: Humphry
Nina, ou La Folle par amour, Benoît-Joseph Marsollier des Vivetières & Nicolas Dalayrac, 1786. Hoin

Thomas Asselijn, Jan Claasz of de gewaande dienstmaagd, 1682: Troost
Abraham Alewijn, Beslikte Swaantje en drooge Fobert of de boere rechtbank, 1715: Troost
Beaumarchais, La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro, 1778: Coutellier
M. van Breda [Pieter de la Croix], Lubbert Lubbertse of de geadelde boer, 1753, adapted from Molière: Troost
John Brown, Barbarossa, 1754. Achmet: Hincks
Colley Cibber, She Would and She Would Not, 1702: Cipriani
George Colman & David Garrick, The Clandestine Marriage, 1766: Russell
Congreve, The Mourning Bride, 1697. [Almeria]: Read. Zara: Lawrence
Corneille, Médée, 1635: Coypel; Pougin de Saint-Aubin
Corneille, Le Cid, 1636. Chimène: Pougin de Saint-Aubin
Corneille, La Mort de Pompée, 1644: Coypel
Crébillon, Électre, 1708. Électre: Lenoir
Florent-Carton Dancourt, Les Trois Cousines, 1700: Glain; Vigée
Florent-Carton Dancourt, Les Curieux de Compiègne, 1698. Le Chevalier: Labille-Guiard
Dryden, translation of Virgil's Æneis, 1697: Murat
Favart, Arlequin et Scapin voleurs par amour, 1751: Pougin de Saint-Aubin
Samuel Foote, The Mayor of Garratt, 1765: Forrest
David Garrick, The Lying Valet, 1741: Forrest
David Garrick a/r Thomas Southerne, Isabella, or The Fatal Marriage, 1757: Lawrence
Gabriel Gilbert, Arie et Petus, ou les Amours de Néron, 1660: Volette
Willem van der Hoeven, Arlequin, tovenaar en barbier, 1730: Troost
Pieter Langendijk, De wiskunstenaars of 't gevlugte juffertje, 1715: Troost
Lamotte-Houdard, Le Magnifique, 1731: Pougin de Saint-Aubin
Alain-René Lesage, Crispin, rival de son maître, 1707. Crispin: Cherfils; La Tour
David Lingelbach, De Ontdekte Schijndeugd, 1687: Buys; Troost
Molière, L'École des maris, 1661; translated by IJsbrand Vincent as De listige vrijster of de verschalkte voogd, 1690: Troost
Molière, Le Tartuffe, 1664: Buys; Huquier; Troost
Murphy, The Grecian Daughter, 1783. Euphrasia: William Hamilton; Lawrence
Ovid: Bardou; v.q. mythological
Willem van Paffenrode, Hopman Ulrich of de Bedroge Gierigheid, 1661: Troost
Racine, Andromaque, 1667. Andromache and Pyrrhus: Troost; Hermione: Deshays
Racine, Athalie, 1691: Coypel
Nicholas Rose, The Fair Penitent, 1703. Calista: Costard; Read
Rowe, Tragedy of Jane Shore, 1736: Forrest; Russell
Bernard-Joseph Saurin, Les Mœurs du Temps, 1760: Pougin de Saint-Aubin
August Wilhelm Schlegel, Ion, 1803: Roux
Shakespeare, As You Like It, c.1600. Rosalind: Smith
Shakespeare, Henry IV, c.1597; or The Merry Wives of Windsor, 1602: Forrest; Mortimer
Shakespeare, Hamlet, c.1601: Dunkarton; Theil
Shakespeare, Henry VIII, c.1603. Wolsey: Greenhill
Shakespeare, King Lear, c.1606: Gardner; Sydow; Éc. fr.
Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, c.1595: Mortimer
Shakespeare, Richard III, c.1591: Dandridge
Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, c.1595: Sydow
Shakespeare, The Tempest, c.1610. Perdita: Gardner
Sheridan, Duenna, 1775: Russell
James Thomson, Tancred and Sigismunda, 1745, adapted from Boccaccio's Decameron, followed by Dryden, 1699. Sigismunda: Delany
Vanburgh, The Provok'd Wife: Gardner, Lady Buckinnghamshire
Ysbrand Vincent, Pefroen met her schaapshoofd, 1669, based on Raymond Poisson, Lubin ou le sot vangé, 1661: Troost
Voltaire, Zaïre, 1732. Orosmane: Lenoir
Voltaire, Alzire, 1736: Pougin de Saint-Aubin
Voltaire, L'Orphelin de la Chine, 1755. Gengis Khan: Cherfils
Christian Felix Weiße, Romeo und Julia, 1767. Julia: Oeser
Wieland, Geron der Adelige, 1777: Kolbe
Bregje in Love: Troost
Unidentified: Haffner


After portraits:
Van Bleeck: C. P. van Cuyck
Ferdinand Bol: Crochez
Blyenberch: Luttrell; Vertue
Champaigne: Dacke
Denner: Horneman
Dobson: Geekie
Dorgny: Dacke
Dou: La Houlière
Domenico Fetti: Fragonard
Flinck: Dacke
Franceschini: Wagener
Hals: Buys; Scouler
Holbein: Luttrell
Gerard van Honthorst: Anna van Oranje-Nassau
Jordaens: Schouman
Kneller: Creed; Dysart
Largillierre: Hainchelin
Lely: Anna van Oranje-Nassau; Dixon
Lievens: Luttrell
Maratta: Russell
Michelangelo: Sotzmann
Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt: Anna van Oranje-Nassau; Luttrell
Jan Miense Molenaer: Marie-Antoinette
Francesco Montemezzano: Luz
Pesne: Rouot
Raphael: Chaufourier
Rembrandt: Chardin; Coypel; Hoin; Luttrell; J. H. Schmidt; A. G. Scott; Staiger; Stock; Tanfani
Reni: Cignarolli; Cotes; J. Liszewska
Ribera: Galantini
Rigaud: La Tour
Rubens: Anson; Beauclerk; Ber...; Buse; Fragonard; Hall; Luttrell; A. Richardson; Santa Cruz; Tempesti
Santerre: Despax; Guillibaud
Sustermans: Tempesti
Tintoretto: Tempesti
Titian: Betti; Coypel; Goupy; Russell; Tempesti
Willem van Bemmel: Read
Van Dyck: Alphen; Dacke; Dysart; Frankenberg; Hoare; Hoin; Humphrey; Luttrell; Pope; Saunders; Tassaert; Troost
Van Oost: Hoin
Unidentified: Ashfield; Coypel; Van der Gucht

After history, religious, landscape or genre paintings:
Francesco Albani: Wollmann
Andrea del Sarto: Henry
Bloemaert: Troost
Bonifazio: Le Gru Perotti
Both: Smart
Jan Gerritsz van Bronckhorst: Chandelle
Hendrick ter Brugghen: Chandelle
Carracci: Fratellini; Lawrence; Le Gru Perotti; Stock; Tassaert
Claude: Craig; H. P. Dean
Conca: Borghese
Correggio: Black; La Tour; Pfaundler; J. H. Schmidt; Staiger; Stock
Cuyp: Black
Pietro da Cortona: Laockerhardt
Denner: Tassaert
Del Sole: Borghese
Desportes: Grimod
Carlo Dolci: Le Gru Perotti; Morland
Domenichino: Black; Saunders; Staiger
G. Dou: Caroline Luise; Maratta
Dujardin: Liotard
Edema: Smart
Govaert Flinck: Stuten
Gaspard Poussin: G. Lambert
Giordano: Goupy
Grimou: Guélard
Guercino: Stock
Hereyns of Mecklin: Koster
Innocenzo da Imola: Le Gru Perotti
Jordaens: Russell
La Fosse: Tassaert
Lemoyne: Handmann
Maes: Troost
Marco Liberi: Carriera; Le Gru Perotti
Livio Mehus: Vitelli
Maratta: Delrieu; Le Gru Perotti
Michaelangelo: Russell
Frans van Mieris: Tassaert
Paulus Moreelse: Courtois
Murillo: Delancier; La Tour
Netscher: Caroline Luise
Ostade: Tassaert
Palma il Vecchio: Le Gru Perotti
Paris Bordone: Delany
Parmigiano: Lely
Paulus Potter: Liotard
Piazzetta: Black
Pietro da Cortona: Lawrence
Poussin: H. P. Dean
Raphael: Aboyne; Cook; Costard; Goupy; Humphry; Lawrence; Le Gru Perotti; Luti; C. Martin; Mengs; Meyer; G. Messini; Rabenstein; Stock
Rembrandt: Black; Grimod; Sinner; Troost; Wagener
Reni: Black; Borghese; Cotes; Delany; Ferrer; Giordano; Goupy; Hewett; Huin; Hurtado de Mendoza; Lawrence; Le Gru Perotti; Mignard; Mime; Read; Sherwin; Vialètes
Ribera: Staiger
Rubens: Carriera[?]; Delatour; Fitzwilliam; Grimod; Hoare; Hodges; La Tour; Le Gru Perotti; Mlle Martin; Tassaert; Troost; Vigée Le Brun
Ryckaert: Tassaert
Andrea Sacchi: Lawrence
Salvator Rosa: Chantereau; Coppin; H. P. Dean; Goupy
Santerre: J. M. Liotard
Sassoferrato: Le Gru Perotti
Schutz: Smart
Christoph Schwarz: Luttrell
Pieter Cornelisz van Slingelandt: Caroline Luise
Jan Frans Soolmaker: Tassaert
Solimena: Goupy
Spada: Forbes
Standaert: Staiger
Subleyras: Molis
Tintoretto: Le Gru Perotti
Titian: Coypel; Le Gru Perotti; G. Messini; Schröder
Trevisani: Delany; W. Healy
Giroamo Troppa: Høyer
Van der Werff: Caroline Luise; Chandelle; Keyserlingk; Rouot
Van Dyck: Döltsch; Grimod; La Tour
Van Ostade: Bonnac
Otto van Veen: Luttrell
Veronese: Delany; Italian sch.
Claude Vignon: Henry
Daniele da Volterra: Lawrence
Wouwerman: Troost; A. Wagner
Unidentified: d'Ambigle; Hoare; La Tour; Wilhelmine

After sculpture:
Bernini: Liotard
Unattributed antique: Hamilton; Mary Hoare; Liotard; Stanhope

(Excluding portraits of sitters with pet animals etc.)
Landscape (no animals or unspecified): P. J. Bardou; Barocci; Beck; Becker; Bellers; Bellotti; Blakey; Bonstetten; Borelly; Boucher; Buonsignore; Chubbard; Cornu; Coypel; Crawley; Crommelin; H. P. Dean; Dyder; Ernst August II.; Feary; Gagnereaux; Gamelin; Gravius; Grimod; Harcourt; Heilmann; Hewett; T. Jones; Juel; Knapton; La Houlière; L. de La Hyre; Lambert; La Tour; Le Bouclier; Lewis; Lion; Liotard; de Lusse; Mansuy; More; Morel d'Arleux; Oudry; Patel; Pillement; Russell; J. H. Schmidt; Simpson; Smith; Tassaert; R. Tate; T. M. Tate; Thiele; J. Vernet; Vigée Le Brun; Walker; Watteau de Lille; B. West; F. R. West; Wilson; Wolcot; Woollet; Dutch sch.; Éc. fr.; German sch.; Italian sch.; Swedish sch.
Volcanoes: Angelis; Chaufourier; More; Volaire; Éc. fr.; German sch.
Astronomical: Eimmart; Russell
Pastoral (with animals or birds): Agasse; Auffdiener; Barret; Bonstetten; Brand; Chantereau; Chubbard; Du Simitière; Dyder; Grimod; Hewett; Huet; La Houlière; G. Lambert; Liotard; Michau; Millet; Oudry; Petrov; Pillement; Stuntz; J. Townsend; Yorke; Dutch sch.; Éc. fr.; German sch.
Marine (ships, ports, shipwrecks): N. Baur; Borelly; Brassers; Chirat du Vernay; Dautun; Guélard; L. Le Roy; Maria Fedorovna; Mouton; A.-J. Noël; Oets; Pillement; Thiele; Volaire; German sch.
Dog: Boel; Chalon; Cotes; Dupré; Durome; Fricx; Greuze; Hamilton; Melling; Oudry; Russell; Snyders; Vouet; English sch.; Éc. fr.
Other animals (no landscape): Angrand; Boel; Dubois; Friedrich; Gränicher; Greuze; Hamilton; W. Healy; Huet; Oudry; Pillement; Snyders; Vialètes
Monsters, dragons etc.: Arpino; Blakey
Military (parades, battles): Albrecht; Casanova; Chandelle; Chantereau; Gamelin; A. Wagner
Hunting scenes: Chandelle; R. Healy
Fêtes, processions etc.: Fragonard; Meissonier; Naudet; Pillement; Raphael; M.-F. de Saint-Aubin; Smith; Troost; Vanmour
Bacchanalian scenes: v. s.v. Bacchus supra
Concerts: Raoux; Watteau de Lille
Interior scenes: Grimod; Polish sch.
Sunlight or Moonlight: Held

Hand, arm: Artaud; Barocci; Copley; La Tour; Prud'hon; Van Schuppen; Vleughels; B. West; Éc. fr.
Foot: Boucher; Vleughels
Armour: Natoire; Van Schuppen
Medical studies: Rymsdyk; Wandelaar

Flowers: Berjon; Blakey; Carle; Chaufourier; Clapham; Dodd; Du Simitière; Edwards; Grafton: Liotard; Marini; Meloni; Peyrotte; Prévost; Russell; Grand Duchess of Russia; Slater; Smart; Mrs Watson; Éc. fr.; German sch.
Fruit: Ashley; Bachelier; Berjon; Chardin; Clayton; Coqueret; Eccles; Edwards; Filleul; Gaab; Garzoni; Gilli; Gouette; Guélard; Hodgson; Hussard; Isaacs; Keyse; Körnlein; Kraus; Lancel; Liotard; Périn-Salbreux; Petitot; Schultheis; Taylor; Vallayer-Coster; Van Spaendonck; Vasset; Mrs Watson; Zincke; English sch.; Éc. fr.; German sch.
Game: Chardin; Edwards; Huet; Jogues; Kraus; Levoz; Parker; Éc. fr.
Bas-reliefs: Liotard; Stanhope
Other: Duvivier; Liotard; Maria Fedorovna; Vetter; Éc. fr.; German sch.

More than three figures, conversation pieces etc.: Briancourt; Buck; Catel; Chodowiecki; Eriksen; Gardner; Haffner; R. Healy; S. Henry; Jelgerhuys; Luttrell; Papin; Schönbrunn pastellist; Smith; Tiepolo; Troost; Vispré; Watteau de Lille; F. R. West; Zick; Éc. fr.; German sch.

Peasants, shepherds, beggars etc.: Beyer; Boucher; Carriera; Fechenbach; Glain; Hewett; Høyer; Koster; Lundberg; Marteau; Morland; C. H. Parry; Pasetti; Pavona; Pitti; Smart; Rotari; A. Russell; H. Russell; Russell; Tassaert; Tiepolo; Troost; Türkheim; Vigée; Wille; Xavery; English sch.; Éc. fr.
Savoyard(e): F.-H. Drouais; Glain; Greuze; Lefèvre; Marchais; J. Martin; Pitti; Pougin de Saint-Aubin; Russell; Seekatz; Vigée
Albino: Perronneau; Smith
Hermit: Bonnac; Larché; Vigée; Yorke
Hunter: Burckhardt; Tassaert
Astronomer: Nogari
Miser: Médard
Philosopher: Coypel; Palmer; Rocca
Pilgrim: Allais; Rotari; G. de Saint-Aubin; Vigée
Serving girl, maid of the inn etc.: Delany; Fragonard; Greuze; Hoffmann; Liotard; Morland; Stuten; Tassaert
Shepherds/shepherdesses: Boucher; Glain; Greuze; Grimod; Huet; P.-P. Mérelle; Saint-Aubin; Soldini; Vigée
Ballad-singer: Burgess; Morland; Pitti; Russell; Troost
Musicians, including hurdy-gurdy players etc.: Chantereau;Endlich; La Tour; Luti; Marie-Antoinette; P. Mérelle; Nattier; Peale; Pitti; Raoux; A. Roslin; Russell; Staiger; Tassaert; Tiepolo; Vigée; Villebrune; Italian sch.
Woman or nymph in grotto: Caffé; Hoare
Mad girl: Lawrence
Fortune teller: Greenwood; Hewett; Papin; Russell
Street vendors, knife-grinders etc.: Chantereau; Durand; Luttrell; Tiepolo; Ximénez; English sch.
Sleeping girl, La Dormeuse: Beyer; Boucher; Caresme; Mme Gault de Saint-Germain; Glain; Greuze; Hoare; Lion; Marteau; P. Mérelle; Rotari; Saint-Quentin; Salabert; Vigée; Éc. fr.
Girl with head on pillow, La Voluptueuse: Boucher; Glain; Greuze; Marteau; P. Mérelle; Rotari; Vien
Scène galant: J. A. de Peters; Touzé
Lovers: Doublet; Fragonard; Marteau; Touzé; de Troy; Vitry; Wheatley; Éc. fr.
Fancy head, tête de fantaisie ou de caractère: Bréhan; Fragonard; Grimod; Naigeon; Natoire; J. Natoire; Saint-Non; Villebrune; Vispré; A. Williams; Éc. fr.
Soap bubbles: Beyer; Borghese; Grimou; Juel; Latouche-Loisi; Lundberg; Villebrune
Children: M. Benwell; Beyer; Boucher; Clermont; Döbler; Hewett; La Touche Loisi; Liotard; A. Loir; Natoire; M.-S. Roslin; Roussel; A. Russell; H. Russell; Russell; Stanhope; English sch.; Éc. fr.
Petit hussard: Roussel; Vigée
Chess: Beyer; Chodowiecki; Gardner; Huber; Lundberg
Cards: Colson; Valade; Watteau de Lille; F. R. West; English sch.; Italian sch.
Other: Ashley; J. H. Benwell

African: Carriera; Humphry
American Indian/Eskimo: Carriera; Dance; Russell
Armenian: Humphry
East Indian black: Hinks
Gipsy: Santerre
Indian: Humphry
Jew: Dodd; Hall; Hewett; Humphry; Smart
Lascar: Dodd
Levantine: Favray; Tiepolo
Oriental (unspecific): Luttrell; Tiepolo
Roman: Briancourt; Mrs Stewart
Turkish: Dumonstier; Dietrich; Frye; Lemoyne; Morland; Pether; Pierre; Pond; Tiepolo; Vanmour; Vigée; Xavery; Éc. fr.
Van Dyck or Rubens style: Beauclerk; Bréhan; Dietzer; Fragonard; Guillibaud; Ricci; Saint-Non; Italian sch.
Spanish costume: Chevalier